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The Legacy Of Gaagar Sweets

It all started in 1973 when our founder K.L Dang and his family ventured out of their hometown, Jind, Haryana to the emerging city of Bhopal. They brought with them big dreams but life had some other plans for him. He initially started working with his elder brother in his dairy. After working with him for 7 years and getting sufficient experience he started his own dairy by the brand name Gaagar at our first outlet Punjab Dairy Centre in Sindhi Colony, Bhopal in 1981. After receiving a warm response from the people of Bhopal, we shifted our outlet to the heart of this beautiful city, New Market.

The story of traditional Indian sweets started a few years later when his eldest son Mr Pankaj Dang joined the business, he started as an attempt to create one of our favourite sweet delicacy, Kalakand. One day, unknowing about the outcome of the efforts, nobody thought that it would take us to an entirely different path in our business and life.

Pankaj Dang, an innovator and a visionary. Driven by his passion for culinary excellence, he juggles many roles as a food consultant, researcher and an entrepreneur.

Our palette was growing and so was our innovativeness and curiosity to bring in something better every day. Mr Dharmendra Dang, his younger son then joined the business and helped the brand with his creative acumen. Artistic creativity adds the ability to dream and imagine people’s perceptions.

Dharmendra Dang is the mind behind the artistic work related to the presentation and packaging of Gaagar products. His creative skills are at the forefront of our branding initiatives and keeping up with the ongoing innovation process.

Gaagar is the sweet extract of their dreams and passion for Indian sweets. At Gaagar, we believe that true happiness comes from giving smiles.

Together we celebrated every moment of life, be it seasons, occasions & festivals.

Believe in Spreading Happiness and Life itself is a Celebration. We wanted to bring authentic taste and homemade feel to our Indian sweets giving a unique but memorable experience on the taste palette of our customers.

Our focus has always been on the use of quality raw material and delectable flavourful products inspired by nature, home, mother’s love and everything that we love and care for. We hope they’ll inspire you too.

Making everyday little more sweeter for you.


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